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Follow www.mcafee.com activate card and enter your McAfee 25 digit activation code to activate your McAfee product online. If you need help with your www.mcafee.com activate and or installation, chat with the live support tehnician and they will help you to activate and install your product. We also provide support for complete Antivirus and security solutions.

www.mcafee-activatenow.us is an independent support provider on On-Demand Remote Technical Services For McAfee Security products.

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The customers can enjoy the full protection after actively enrolling in the auto renewal service on www.mcafee.com activate for the specified product. But considering the operation strategy of the virus there is possibility to get the system infected. Here is the list of do follow things to avoid becoming the victim and so as to minimize the impact of the damage made by the virus, threats, malware and cyber-crime.

·         Keep antivirus, system and application updates on regular basis

o   To update operating system, type UPDATE and operating system name, then Click on Check For Updates. Follow the prompts for updates. Same process is applicable to other programs as well.

·         Avoid hopping from one site to another (such site hopping may not be secure)

o   Avoid clicking on suspicious or unexpected Email having attachments even if such email it appears to come from someone you know. If it is legitimate ask them to resend.

·         Have back up of systems and devices on external hard drives or somewhere else.

o   Having backup can give the freedom to wipe the infected disk drive and restore data from backup. Disconnecting the backup drives helps to prevent the infections.

Step 2: Follow www.mcafee.com activate in your browser and follow the on-screen instructions to Activate & Download your McAfee. Step3: Click on downloaded file to initiate installation, follow operating system specific instructions to fully install McAfee Antivirus and protect your computer


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